British Columbia, Canada, is gaining recognition for its world-class premium VQA wines. Wines which are neither labelled VQA or Wine of Distinction, and from certain producers (given special rights under the 1988 Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement), can use foreign bulk wine to produce a third category of wine which is labelled as Cellared in Canada. Significant parts of the wine industry, and respected wine writers in Canada and abroad, are quite concerned about this practice.

Although Canada has a reputation for having a cold climate, much of British Columbia has a mild or dry climate which is ideal for growing grapes. The Okanagan valley in particular is known for both the high quality of its wines, and for its increasing number of respected wineries.

There are over 700 wineries and independent growers in British Columbia.

Wine producing areas Edit

  • Okanagan Valley
  • Similkameen Valley
  • Fraser Valley
  • Vancouver Island
  • Gulf Islands

Grape varieties Edit

The most prominent varieties of grapes grown in British Columbia are:

Red and rose wine production Edit

White wine production Edit