How about setting up a wiki-wine tasting group? Periodically we select a few interesting wines for the group to try. Everyone could contribute reviews and compare their reviews with the others in the group. --Mdavis 20:42, 22 February 2006 (UTC)

Agree. Think that would be cool. Don't think the right focus is trying to be everything to everyone -- too hard -- so focus on the interesting angles not really available. The really interesting wineres producing compellling and different wines, interesting people, comparitive tastings, etc. This would be a good way to start to get critical mass. I'm also considering including audio interviews (with the owners or winemakers) and/or videos of wineries i visit.

BTW -- I just enabled chat -- so would prefer we use that as the primary chat mechanism moving forward. Craiglpalmer 20:23, December 16, 2011 (UTC)

Do you know of a good list of wineries? I like the idea of "really interesting wineries" but mainly I want to learn about them, if I had a list to work from, I could start entering some basic information into the wiki. I take it we're more interested in quirky different brands.

I just recently joined Naked Wines and they have an interesting model of consumer reviews/votes plus staff reviews, and they seek out interesting stuff.--Jimbo Wales 23:02, December 16, 2011 (UTC)

A good question. My thought was to start not by trying to poplulate the entire world with a bare bones structure, but to let people bring their own stories from their personal experience. It would, however be very helpful to have a working list of potentially cool and interesting wineries and/or wines that the community could go take a look at and document.

I haven't looked at naked wines -- I'll take a gander.

On a final note, I've connected with the guy who runs cellartracker -- eric levine. When you're out this way next time you should meet him. There is some things that we may be able to do together that are interesting.

BTW -- please try to put in more pages than me.....:) Quality, not quantiy thought.....:)

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