Hey Winos,

I'm a representative from the Olympics Wiki, and we require some of your oenological expertise, especially if you live in London, been to London, plan on visiting London, or just read an article about a cool wine bar in London.

London's Oldest Wine Bar

In preparation for the 2012 Summer Olympics, we began releasing an original series of videos about the city of London. Our first video is about nightlife in the English capital, as you can see on the London Nightlife page, but it's mostly people dancing in a nightclub. We could really use your help in recommending some good wine bars or places to drink in general.

You can help in the following ways:

  • Send this link along to people you know in London
  • Post your favorite London wine bar to the Nightlife Directory
  • Vote for your favorite drinking spots in the Top 10 Lists
  • Add a photo to the Photo Gallery
  • Link to one of the Wine Wiki's pages that is related to London or England
  • Add a link to an interesting article or blog post about drinking Wine in England

Thanks for your time, and enjoy the video...

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